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“Well-behaved women
rarely make history!”

Start a campaign and make some radical history of your own.

Host a screening

We need your help to get this film seen. It’s easy to host your own screening at a cinema or in your community or workplace. Use it as a fundraiser for your campaign or organisation

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Join your Union, Guild, Womens Group

The Jobs for Women campaign showed that there is strength in numbers. When we stick together, we can win! Australians enjoy paid holidays and minimum wages because unions fought for them. Now they are fighting for women who are being hardest hit by the recession.

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Feeling inspired? Check out the campaign toolkit at The Commons Library. It has the resources you’ll need to find allies and get your campaign off the ground.

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Boost the number of women in trades

There is no such thing as ‘male’ jobs and ‘female’ jobs. Yet in Australia today, only 2% of workers in construction, automotive and electrical trades are women.

Supporting and Linking Tradeswomen organise practical workshops in schools and communities to teach girls and women how to use tools. They have seen that women who have been taught to use tools from an early age are more confident to pursue a trade.

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If you’re a woman working in a male dominated industry, check out these groups:

We are Union Women

Women in Male Dominated Industries (WIMDOI)